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One word that has been coming up more and more from my client work recently, is the word ‘Validation’ the word itself feels to me, very empowering and embracing and actually my own realisation of how powerful ‘Validating’ another persons feelings and experiences, into something real, can have such a positive effect on another person. That person may not have had any validation in their life and through one thing, or another, their journey has led them to Counselling to seek out answers and a space to talk to someone, who will not judge them on any level. How powerful can that be, for that person to come and speak with a Therapist whom they’ve never met before and just experience that moment of ‘Validation’ they have never had before. I feel that empowering someone with ‘Validation’ can almost be like a barrier has lifted and they can see much more clearer and ‘move’ through and beyond what was keeping them in their cycle of pain and anxiety.

I feel that ‘Validation’ is almost like a ‘key’ to progression, to someone just completely changing their behaviour and body language in a positive way, is just amazing to experience and a privilege to be part of their journey.

Therapy Locations

CSCTC Therapy Locations in Cornwall

Emma is MBACP registered with BACP and practices from St Austell and Truro in Cornwall.


CSCTC in St Austell

CSCTC in Truro

Here are our lovely, cosy and warm therapy rooms.

Private counselling, supervision, coaching sessions Cornwall

10, South Street,
St Austell,
PL25 5BH

Private counselling, coaching sessions in Truro, Cornwall

Unit 4 Woodbine Farm Business Centre,
Truro Business Park.

Therapy room in Cornwall for private one to one counselling sessions private counselling session in Truro one to one basis
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