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Coaching is a powerful force for transforming your life. Coaching will inspire you to create, meet and exceed goals in your personal or professional life, and enable you to ‘fast-track to the life that you really want, and truly deserve.
The coaching industry has grown over the last few years, as individuals, businesses, schools and organisations recognize and harness its power.

When you choose to hire Emma as your coach, she will:

•Listen intently to your current situation, and your needs
•Help you gain clarity, and find your inner voice
•Enable you to tap into your strength and potential
•Help you explore your life and your goals
•Enable you to identify self imposed limits, and help you find freedom!
•Support you, 100% of the way and help you to celebrate your achievements
•Fast track you to the life that you want
•Motivate, inspire and encourage you beyond belief.
An athlete works with a coach to ensure that they are maximising their potential, and getting the results that they desire. Emma can work with you to ensure that you are maximising your life, and really living. She won’t tell you what to do, but help you find out what you really want to do. Using various techniques, Emma will allow you to ‘see inside yourself’ and bring to the surface needs, dreams, desires, and talents, so that you can live as the best possible you, living the best possible life.

You were born knowing how to live, and how to be happy. Through life and experiences, you may have lost touch with your strengths, your passion or your purpose. (It’s not uncommon for people to bury these things deep inside, and attempt to ignore the feelings of frustration which only increase as the weeks and years pass. Sound familiar?)
When you choose to work with Emma, you will not only find out who you really are, standing in your strength and your power, but you will start to feel truly alive. Investing in your own personal development will be one of the best decisions you ever make. The changes that you make working with me, will increase your happiness forever.

Emma provides Coaching sessions from her practices in St Austell.

Sessions are accessible and are provided either through face to face, Skype or telephone, giving you the choice.

You can find out about our Fees for Counselling and book a session from here.

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